With clairvoyance the reader receives images that they interpret the meanings of communication. These can be objects or a spirit person, they can see them clear as they would any see things normally. The reader through clairvoyance can even see a scene laid out before them as they would in every day life. It is easier for the reader to understand the message if they can see the spirit person giving the message. Although sometimes this can be difficult to describe to the client who is having the reading, as they may not always know the person who is communicating with them. For example they may never have know there parents relatives or close friends. The message may not always be for the sitter of the reading but for a family member or friend, the spirit giving the message hopes that the person having the reading will convey the message to the appropriate family member or friend.

In other situation the readers will take on a more active role of interpreting the images and the client may be know exactly what is being given. However sometimes the spirit will use symbols which cam have common meanings and other are more complex so the readers tries to define the meanings with the client. These interpretations are with at least three parties, this process can become like a game of charades rather than clear dialogue.

The images that we see of people, objects in the everyday world, are a construction of the brain.


Is another way for the reader to receive message from the spirit world. This is through sounds, voices and music. They can hear these message through their mind or through their physical ear again bring in it own issues with the interpretation of what is being heard.


This is where the reader can sense a spirit person presence. This can transpire in an assortment of ways. This can be a drop in temperature, slight breeze, cobwebs, smell or fragrance. This route proves more difficult with the vagueness of the impressions being given. Although sensing a member of the clients family around the reader can tell them what is their favorite smell can gives evidence to the client that their family member is with them.

Have you ever felt someone is in your atmosphere?

Everyone has the ability to be visionary: When some think warns not to go a certain way even though you know it is the quickest route, you don’t take it and you later find out that there was an accident on that route around the same time you would be travelling along that road. That is your inner voice warning you, so you should always pay attention when you have these feelings. This visionary experience can happen when you have had a serious illness or accident or through stress. Often clairvoyants will engage in the practice of scrying; concentrating on the shiny surface of an object such as a crystal bowl of water, shiny stone or a mirror of some kind this help the visions to materialize. Another commonly use object is the crystal ball often used by gypsy’s to read your fortune and are still used to this day.

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