Crystal of the Month is Labradorite

September 6, 2017

Crystal of the Month of September is Labradorite.

This is a very magical stone that assists with raising your energies in all areas of your life, especially as we are all going through big changes at this time it's a perfect crystal to assist with all of this, it clears balances and protects you.

It is highly protective during spiritual practises Meditations and Astral travel.

You may feel the benefits of this crystals energies almost immediately as it enhances your energy level and gives you more confidence to step out of your comfort zone and helps bring you the right people at the right time. You may find lots of synchronicities and other "out of the Blue!" Happenstances occurring.

If you are needing clarity through changes you are going through you may be drawn to this crystal. Also putting it under your pillow to assist with boosting your protection & Auric Energy while you sleep along with aiding any safe Astral Travelling.

It helps open your Crown Chakra and highly enhances your abilities with your spiritual connections, a truly magical crystal its iridescent qualities are wonderful!
It will help you in taking steps forward in your life and brings calmness and communication strength to any situation, so you can speak your truth in a kind and loving way.

It is a Crystal Stone that connects strongly to Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius people.
It also assists in relieving pain in the body and helping with stress and your digestive system. Wear it as bracelets, earrings, choker necklaces or in your pocket and you can even pop a little stone in your bra! Have a wonderfully Abundant September

Abundant Blessings Namaste

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